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6 Weirdly Awesome Things to Do in Ecuador

6 Weirdly Awesome Things to Do in Ecuador

September 3rd, 2015Ecuador 0 Comments

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Ecuador is one of South America’s smallest countries and one of its most diverse. Ecuador packs in a buzzing cultural scene,  well preserved architecture and of course, an abundance of endemic species. In fact, collectively, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands contain the most diverse range species anywhere on the planet. Little wonder, then, that travelers have been delighted by the country for decades, and those who have been seem to love it so much they come back for more.

If you are thinking about traveling to Ecuador for the first time or, indeed, the 7th, we’ve come up with a list of weirdly awesome (or just awesome) things to do in Ecuador that we think you should do to make the most of your tour.


1. Go Birdwatching (even if you’re not a “birdie”).

A bird in Ecuador

A bird in Ecuador

Birdwatching tours are not unusual as such, but the sheer variety of bird life that you’ll see here will astound you. There are some 1,600 different species of birds including hummingbirds, motmots, jays, kingfishers, toucans, parrots, owls… the list goes on (and on).

Birdwatching tours are abundant in Ecuador and expert guides can advise travelers on the places to see many exotic birds flocking and displaying their natural beauty in their own natural habitat. These birdwatching tours in Ecuador and The Galapagos are a must for wildlife and nature lovers.

You can birdwatch at the magnificent Andean Cook of the Rock, Long Wattle Umbrella Bird, Yanacocha Reserve, Tandayapa Pass, Bellavista Reserve, Birds Sanctuaries of Milpe and Rio Silanche.

2. Get a thermal rubdown in Baños.


Baños, Ecuador

Baños offers a scenic view which includes numerous waterfalls, an active volcano and a vast cloud and rain forest making it the most visited town in Ecuador. To see all the waterfalls, a bike is available for visitors to rent and enjoy the downhill biking experience while gazing at amazing waterfalls to the stunning Devil’s Bucket or locally known as El Pailón Del Diablo located below the town of Baños.

Baños is also called the local spa due to thermal pools that would soothe the aching muscles of guests after a busy day biking and enjoying the refreshing waterfalls and forested area.


3. See a butterfly become a butterfly.

Creepy crawlies... Photo by Javier Ábalos Alvarez

Creepy crawlies… Photo by Javier Ábalos Alvarez

Mindo offer guests the chance of a lifetime to watch and experience butterflies up-close. Visitors will experience feeding butterflies in the palm of their hands.

The facility also offers a watch room where guests can actually see the natural process in butterfly transformation called the metamorphosis. The stages would include the egg, larvae or known as caterpillar stage, pupa or the cocoon stage and finally the adult butterfly.


4. Try to survive the Amazon jungle.

Amazon, Ecuador. Photo by Dallas Krentzel.

Amazon, Ecuador. Photo by Dallas Krentzel.

The Amazon is a back-to-basics adventure for thrill seekers. This is a rare experience and a must for all budding survivalists. A trekking guide is necessary to keep the group safe and who can expertly navigate the jungle. Try it for the ultimate test of human endurance, which will definitely bring out the scout in you!

You can decide on the final route, although it’s a safe bet to say that you’ll experience rainforests, waterfalls, bird life, exotic animals and a huge variety of creepy crawlies. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


5. Snorkel with turtles.

turtles ecuador

Swimming with turtles

The Galapagos Islands offer a safe haven for turtles at the Secret Turtle Cove. Try snorkeling which will give you a glimpse of turtles sleeping quietly. The route can be challenging as the way in to Turtle Cove include snorkeling into a lava inlet, traversing through a few coves and then a short walk before you reach the secret refuge of the turtles.

Turtle power.

6. Go kayaking in the sea.

Sea kayaks are available along the coast of Ecuador to allow adventure  travelers to enjoy the inland waterways and sea bends. Sea kayaks are the only possible means of transportation to reach the mangrove lagoons and get close to the rocky slopes where rare species thrive.



Guest post written by Julie Bowman, Marketing Manager of PureTravel.com. Julie has traveled to many countries across the world and loves immersing herself in the local culture and history, as well as meeting local people.

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