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In December 2012, Peruvian cuisine beat French food, Mexican food, Thai food, Spanish food and many others to win an award declaring Peru South America’s Leading Culinary Destination (World Travel Awards).  The Financial Times called Peru a “gourmet super-power.” So we decided to take closer look at a national cuisine that we at Viventura love very […]

Covering 11,000 square kilometers, the Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world and probably one of the most impressive highlights of South America. Named after the nearby town of Uyuni, the salt lake was created by the mass drying of the prehistoric palaeo Tauca, which covered the highlands of Bolivia around 100,000 […]

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and the world’s fifth largest country in both geographical size and population. It remains a hugely popular destination for travellers and tourists alike thanks to its sunshine and tireless party spirit.  Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil after Sao Paulo, remains a prime attraction […]

The colorfulness of South America is also reflected in the food – especially  fruit. We’re all familiar with mango, passion fruit, papayas and bananas – in the USA you can find a lot of South American fruit in the supermarket. But the more unusual fruit such as cherimoya, lucuma or tamarillo need to be purchased in more […]

Our new classic tour to Patagonia is the perfect package for all those fancying a sunny South American getaway this Christmas. Highlights of Patagonia is a 13 day tour across Argentina and Chile, beginning in Buenos Aires and ending in Santiago. This exciting new tour will include walking on glaciers, taking in stunning landscapes, seeing/dancing the […]

One of the most iconic sites in the whole world, Machu Picchu in Peru lay “undiscovered” until just over 100 years ago. The Incan citadel remained hidden by jungle vegetation during centuries, until the American Hiram Bingham accidentally stumbled upon it. Since then, people from all over the word have been fascinated by the mystique […]

For thousands of years, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has been a staple food in the Andean diet. For the Incas, quinoa was sacred and the mother of all crops, used in religious ceremonies. Often mistaken as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed from a vegetable related to spinach and beets. It was domesticated for human […]

Coffee giant Starbucks plans to open its first outlet in Colombia in 2014. The news has caused a stir in the country, especially among devotees and employees of Juan Valdez and other coffee lovers! Upon hearing this news at Viventura, we decided to take a closer look at Colombian coffee beans. Why are they so […]

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With a dramatic skyline dominated by not one but three majestic volcanoes, Arequipa is Peru’s second biggest city. Also known as the White City because of its particular architecture, the city is one of the most beautiful in the country. As if all that wasn’t enough, Arequipa is in a state of eternal spring with […]

Ceviche, an extremely popular dish throughout Latin America, is basically raw fish (sometimes mussels, shrimp or a combination of the two), marinaded in lime juice. In addition to providing flavor, the citric acid marinade causes the protein structure in the fish to become denatured, so it appears to be cooked. The recipe varies depending on the country. In addition […]

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